If considering an outdoor event, a marquee structure would usually be wise.  Tableland Party Hire can offer a range of sizes and options from small pop up tents, to DIY peg and pole marquees to huge Hocker frame structures.

Our experienced team are happy to make a free inspection of the prospective site and advise on suitable sizes by taking into account the sites complexities as well as:

  • Seating Requirements

  • Table Shape & Layout

  • Internals - e.g. Dancefloor, Popup Bar and/or Catering Area

  • Optionals - e.g. Sides, Lighting, Flooring and Silk Linings

Marquee Options

  • Hocker & Frame Styles

Hocker & Frame styles are large completely freestanding structures providing the ultimate solution for any outdoor wedding or large function. Silk linings and elegant lighting enhance the luxury look. These structures require professional installation

  • Frame 6m x 6m
  • Frame 6m x 9m
  • Frame 6m x 12m
  • Frame 6m x 15m
  • Frame 10m x 9m
  • Frame 10m x 12m
  • Frame 10m x 15m
  • Frame 10m x 18m
  • Up to Frame 10m x 27m
  • Peg & Pole

Peg & Poles are available is various sizes and provide great coverage while also being suitable for dressing up those special occasions. These structures can be setup almost anywhere and with DIY erection instructions provided as an option, they are also very economical.

  • 9m x 9m (Max 80 seated)
  • 9m x 14m (Max 125 seated)
  • 9m x 19m (Max 175 seated)
  • 9m x 24m (Max 225 seated)
  • 9m x 29m (Max 270 seated)
  • 9m x 34m (Max 320 seated)
  • 9m x 39m (Max 370 seated)
  • Pergolas & Pop-Ups

Pergolas and pop-ups are a great cost effective, safe and secure option for smaller groups whatever the occasion. They are neat freestanding structures with no cumbersome ropes or centre poles and easy to erect and dismantle

  • Frame (3m x 3m)
  • Frame (3m x 6m)

The Tableland Party Hire team are always on hand to deliver, erect and fit out as required, so give us a call today on (07) 4092 3400
 and we will ensure your party or event runs smoothly with the minimum of fuss.


Get really classy - add a stage or dance floor.

  • Dance Floor

  • Grass Flooring

  • Red Carpet

  • Staging


Light up the night and make it an evening to remember with stylish lighting options. Don’t forget how your guests will appreciate some extra lighting around those dark corners and laneways to avoid taking a very unstylish tumble.

  • Chandelier

    Ricepaper - Double Set

  • Fairy Lights

  • Festoon Lights

    Bulbs, 5 OR Coloured, 50' 17 Bulbs

  • Floodlights

    Tungsten Hal, 1500 Watts

  • Fluro

    Single OR Double

  • Light Pole Stand

    2.7 Mtr

  • Portafloods

    150 Watts

  • Power Leads

    30 Mtr

  • Safety Power Pack


Tables & Chairs

Our sturdy and stylish chairs will add that extra special touch to your next event and integrate seamlessly into your party decor. We can provide a number of variations of chairs for any type of function or event, from white plastic stacking chairs to white padded folding chairs. Chair covers are another option.

We have a range of tables to suit any occasion including varying sizes of rectangles, bar tables and 6’ rounds. Linen cloths, napkins and overlays can also be ordered.


  • Banquet Tables 1.8 x 750 (Seats 6-8)
  • Banquet Tables 2.4 x 750 (Seats 8-10)
  • Dry Bar - Round
  • Round Tables 1.8 mtr Diam (Seats 10)
  • Round Tables 3' Diam
  • Wine Barrels


  • Folding Chairs - Black/Grey
  • Barrel Chairs - White
  • Gladiator - White
  • Bar Stools


Table Linen is delivered freshly laundered, starched and pressed at very economical prices because we do a lot of them. Classy linen adds the timeless elegance to finish off any occasion whether it’s a black-tie event or summer garden party.

  • 2.4 mtr Rectangular 135 x 275
  • 1.8 mtr Rectangular 135 x 180
  • 1.8 mtr Round 230 x 230
  • Round Full Length
  • Square 160cm x 160cm
  • Napkins
  • Overlays
  • Skirting

Table Service

Now that the venue is set up and looking magical, it’s time to consider how the food and drinks will be served. The benefit of rental tableware is firstly, that it is all spotlessly clean and packaged ready for travel and ready to use; AND it is also usually all the same colour and style so no mismatched nightmares to worry about. Afterward, just rinse it and put back in the box for collection.


  • Dinner Plates


  • Entree Plates


  • Side Plates, Sweet & Sweet Bowls

  • Salad Bowls / Pasta Bowls

    210mm OR 240mm

  • Pizza Plate


  • Ramekin Dish


  • Clam Shell Dish

  • Cup & Saucer OR Coffee Mug

  • Sugar Bowl & Lid

    White China

  • Milk Jug

    White China OR S/S 250ml

  • Butter Pat

    White China

  • Au Gratin Dish

    White China

  • Condiment Dish

    White China

  • Salt / Pepper Shaker

  • Platters

    S/S 18'


  • Beer Glass

    280ml, Box 25

  • Spirit Glass / Water Glass

    Box 20

  • Wine Glass

    165ml, Box 25 OR 260ml, Box 24

  • Champagne Flute

    191ml, Box 35

  • Hi Ball

    270ml, Each

  • Beer Jugs

    3 Ltr

  • Jug Glass


  • Punch Bowl

  • Waiter Friends


  • Knives

  • Forks

  • Dessert Spoons

  • Tea Spoons

  • Crab Fork

  • Lobster / Crab Cracker

Table Dressings

  • Candleholder - Table
  • Candelabra - Table
  • Vases/ Carafe - Small
  • Table Numbers
  • Ice Buckets
  • Bread Baskets
  • Ashtrays

Hot Drink Service

  • Coffee Perculator

    40-100 Cups

  • Coffee Pot S/S

    2 Ltr

  • Teapot

    24 Cups

  • Teapot S/S

    2 Ltr

  • Hot Water Urn

    20 Ltr / 100 Cups OR 40 Ltr / 200 Cups

  • Jug S/S

    3 Ltr


Whether cooking up a BBQ for a few friends or preparing a wedding feast for hundreds, Tableland Party Hire can assist with the planning as well as supplying a variety of options. Their years of experience may prove invaluable.

Cooking & Warming

Without the luxury of a conventional kitchen? No worries, Tableland Party Hire can deliver everything you need to store, prepare, cook, dress and plate it.

  • Bain Marie (Benchtop) 4 pot (deep) Elect
  • BBQ Large 1150 x 550, s/s, gas
  • BBQ Med 800 x 500, 2 burner
  • Boiler 24 ltr
  • Bowls - Various
  • Chafing Dish with double inners
  • Chip Tray 100mm
  • Cooking Utensils
  • Deep Fryer dbl basket, electric/gas
  • Gas Ring, Double
  • Hot Food Bar 4/6 pot Wet/Dry
  • Microwave Oven
  • Pie Oven Glass Elect - 4 Rack
  • Roasting Oven 1400 x 700 (55kg)
  • Roasting Oven 1000 x 650 (35kg)
  • Serving Tongs/ Spoons/ Ladels
  • Soup Kettle
  • Warming Oven, 8 Rack
  • Wok Burner
  • Toaster/ Conveyor


  • Esky (Sml)

    600 x 600 x 600

  • Esky (Med)

    800 x 600 x 550

  • Esky (Lrge)

    1100 x 750 x 850

  • Freezer

    320 Ltr chest

Miscellaneous Items

Whatever the occasion, there is no need to worry about begging family & friends for all those pesky other items you need. Hire it all from one place, all neatly packed and spotlessly clean and ready to use.

  • Crowd Control Stand & Rope
  • PA System
  • Rubbish Bins - Wheelie
  • Fan - Pedestal H/Duty
  • Fan - Sanroma Tank Fan 750mm
  • Gas Regulator
  • Display Stands 1.8m x 1.2m Carpeted
  • Mobile Toilet
  • Drink Trays Non Slip
  • Patio Heater
  • Data Projector Screen
  • Lectern Stand
  • Waiters Kitchen Trolley
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